Solar System II

The subject of yesterday’s post was a ray-traced video of the solar system I had been working on. The frames have now finished being rendered and have been combined into a video. The soundtrack is the finale of Act 1 of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake (the Philharmonia Orchestra dir. John Lanchberry).

We start 4 million kilometers above the sun (remember, distances are a factor of 500 shorter than reality), and fly to Venus. We then visit Mars, Phobos (the larger of Mars’s two moons), Earth and Jupiter, before returning to the point at which we started.

The smallest body we visit is Phobos, and the largest is Jupiter. The radius of Phobos is only 0.013% of that of Jupiter. In fact, even Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, has a radius 260 times larger than Phobos.

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