Settlers of Catan

Our Settlers of Catan board has at some stage got damp, and the hexes have curled. This causes us no end of problems trying to get the board assembled without overlap, let alone when balancing roads on the gaps between tiles. I thought it would be a fun project to mount it onto wood.

I bought a large block of rosewood for a ridiculously small price (£5), which was large enough to make bases for the game and the expansion. I started out by cutting a column from the block on the band-saw, and then cutting it into a hexagon-section on the table saw with its table at 30°.

Hexagonal-Sectioned Column

Hexagonal-sectioned column

I then set the band-saw fence at an appropriate thickness and sliced the column up like a piece of salami.

Stack of Hexagons

Stack of hexagons

I then cut the edge shape on the band-saw. I decided to use straight-edged holes and prongs for the jigsaw pieces for simplicity.

Edge Shape

Edge shape

This was then sliced to make the six edge pieces and four extension pieces. I removed the jig-saw holes with a chisel, and then sanded each one until the best fit was obtained. Some ended up looser than I wanted, but it was a very difficult thing to be precise about.

The board in plain wood

The board in plain wood

Extended board

Extended board

Then I sanded all the pieces, and mounted the cardboard. They were extremely difficult to glue as the card was so warped. I had to clamp the pieces in stacks of six or seven to hold the card against the wood, but the process of clamping invariably caused the card to slip on the wet glue. The best method I found was to let the glue dry half-way, and then clamp.

The finished board

The finished board

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3 Responses to Settlers of Catan

  1. Gareth says:

    What a good idea! Francis will say you should have painted your own tiles! I remember he made a mah jong set out of 2p pieces.

  2. dad says:

    Excellent old boy. What a neat job.

  3. Rana says:

    Can I buy a set from you? 🙂

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